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Equine Insurance

Equestrian Liability Insurance

Horses are some of the largest and fastest creatures on the earth. Some tell us that they have a gentle, bomb proof horse and then it happens. A stray dog enters the paddock and the horse charges over the fence into an oncoming car. The car is damaged, the people inside are injured and the horse is killed. What type of policy would provide coverage to pay for the damage to the car, the passengers and the death of the horse? An Equine Farm Liability Policy would resolve this question.

If you own a horse, are boarding a horse or horses, plan to provide equine instruction or have a horse show or clinic at your stable, you need to have Equine Liability. A policy can provide for the Liability and also for the Property such as the Stables, Tack, Tractors, and of course the horses.

Cinderella Carriage

Dave Rohrbach, from Bee Tree Trails trusts Philip Baker Insurance and relies on the protection that the policies they provide to operate his Horse Drawn Carriage business.

Are you intending to give carriage rides, provide trail rides, or pony rides?

You need to acquire the proper liability policy for these types of risk. Equine Activities are much more involved than having a hobby. We have the experience to share with you to protect your investment and stable.

Mortality Insurance and Veterinarian Services Coverage

“Healthy as a Horse?” If you are seasoned horse owner or large animal veterinarian, you wonder who ever coined that phrase. Colic, Equine Influenza, Cushing’s syndrome, are a few of the many illnesses that are common to horses, devastating, and costly to treat. Injuries while in a stall, riding a trail, or competing can be long term treatment or life ending.

Mortality Insurance will pay a death benefit if the horse dies, is killed, or has to be euthanized as a result of an injury. If the horse is stolen, coverage is extended from this policy as well. Veterinarian Services is an endorsement to a Mortality Policy that helps to pay some of the expenses due to illness, colic, and injury. Not all horses will qualify for these type of policies, but if they do, it is a good hedge against a financial loss.

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