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Farm Insurance

Farming is the largest industry in Pennsylvania

So many of our customers tell me that they searched the internet to find Farm Insurance and found several companies with “Farm” in their name, but when asked they were told that they do not insure farms. That can be frustrating. As a former farmer, who has raised crops and sold them in a farm market for over 19 years, I look at farms completely different than most.

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A farm is similar to a manufacturing company. It has equipment, some quite sophisticated, a “factory” buildings and land where crops or livestock are raised, and a product that is sold with intentions of making a profit to pay the bills, workers and owners. Besides all these things it has a responsibility to make a product that is healthy, plentiful and affordable.

Unlike manufacturing “Mother Nature” often throws a “monkey wrench” into the mix in the line of weather. Wind, Rain, Snow, Lightning, Hail, Drought, to name a few can hinder the productions of crops and livestock. These perils can damage the buildings, equipment, crops and livestock that can reduce or eliminate the end product which creates the profit.

A properly designed Farm Insurance and Crop Insurance Policy can reduce the risk of many of the things mentioned. Besides “Mother Nature” there are manmade occurrences that destroy property and livestock. Fires Caused by faulty wiring or spontaneous combustion, upset and overturn of tractors, Collisions to equipment can be very costly insurance can protect you from the financial loss.

People can also cause losses to farmers. How can that be? Products sold by the farmer, beef, eggs, produce, that is consumed could cause a potential health risk and the liability part of the farm policy addresses these types of claims.
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When the farmer is transporting equipment, and like the song says "Three miles of cars layin' on their horns, Fallin' on deaf ears of corn, Lined up behind me like a big parade." And then someone decides to pass and causes an accident. This is why a farm policy is so much different than a Homeowner policy. It provides Liability for the farm on and off the premises. If your farm is large or small, it faces the same potential hazards that cause loss. Let us discuss your farm and design a plan to protect your farm and family.

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